The Crow's Nest Pool

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This unusual name has come from the fact that it was once a rookery, with quite a few overhanging trees. The name has been traced as far back as the early 1890's.

The crow's nest pool lies at the base of Paddy's Streams, it is a deep pool with calm flowing water. A prime spot to catch resting fish before they make their way upstream. Spinning and bait fishing is common here.

It can easily be accessed via the lower car-park at Paddy's Streams; from here it is just a short walk along the riverside path to the pool on the west bank. If you wish to fish from the east bank - most fishermen continue down the path to the Camus Railway Bridge to cross.

The Camus Bridge is an old disused railway bridge - great care should be taken when crossing. The name Camus comes from the Gaelic word meaning bend in the river!

The Crow's Nest Pool Update     (06/08/2012)

Nothing to report today - all is as would be expected.

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