The Salmon Rock

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This is a well-known "Lye" for fish this section is situated on the east bank.

This is very deep water; it is located just above the "weir". You should take care while fishing here as you are not permitted to fish below the marker just above the fish pass.

It is illegal to fish within the boundaries of the weir, fish pass or on the weir itself. This section is not fished as much as other beats as the river is wider, deeper and the bank is elevated, making landing the fish more difficult.

It can be accessed by parking on the side of the Liskey Road B165, on the section next to the houses overlooking the weir. You can then walk across the field to the riverbank and continue upstream until you are above the restriction marker.

The Salmon Rock Update     (06/08/2012)

Nothing to report today - all is as would be expected.

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